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October 9th Dinner Post

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  • October 9th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It started raining last evening and still is with the high of 75 and the low of 60.

    I am morphing the leftover fish from yesterday and making fish tacos along with a Waldorf salad.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    Nice sunny day... did some gardening, mostly pulling out weeds while John sprayed the weeds coming up through the pebbles. Tomatoes and zukes are doing well after I fed them yesterday. We talked with some of our neighbours this afternoon. They are shocked that we are moving after 37 years. They've been our neighbours for 34 of those years.

    John cooked his pork roast on the BBQ and he had some for dinner, sliced on toast. I had a toasted ham, tomato, onion and cheese open sandwich which I cooked in the airfryer...
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      Foind a pkg cooked chicken so it's going to be chicken spaghetti, garlic bread, salad.
      the creatures had a treat today freezer burnt turkey breast for the kitties and freezer burnt ground pork I cooked for the chickens. I think most of our freezer blitz will go to the animals. I have a very bad habit of pushing things to the back and forgetting what's in there. I always say I won't do that again but here I am AGAIN. Ugh


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        I may pull out chicken and prepare Japanese Curry. So far I haven’t found energy to do anything.


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          Rosie, do you use a vacuum sealer for your frozen foods? They’re worth their weight in gold for preventing freezer burn.

          It has been cold today, mostly around the mid 50’s and we’ve got some light sprinkles right now. We’ve been fighting with the second set of outdoor lights we bought, they’re controlled by WiFi and are kind of a PITA. We had one set working fine for weeks, second set just wouldn’t coordinate at all. We finally got them synced and hung up this afternoon. We’ll leave them up permanently, we can set the colors for various holidays etc. Several neighbors have all year colored lights up and they look nice. They really make our front porch very welcoming.

          We are getting take out from Jimmy’s tonight; tiger prawn Alfredo for Ken, prawn Fresco for me along with their great salads.


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            Yes Charlene. Of it stopped working I would be heading to get another but sometimes ya get a hole or somehow loose the seal. I hate when that happens


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              Rosie, my Food Saver started sealing poorly awhile back, thought it was time for a new one. Oil read up on the problem and found out the gasket may have been bad after umpteen years of sealing, so I ordered some new ones from Amazon. What a difference! I’ll geg quite a few more years out of it now! Now, if I could manage to keep the frozen bags from getting holes in them!