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October 12th Dinner Post.

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  • October 12th Dinner Post.

    Good Morning!

    It is a beautiful day with the high of 75 and the low of 55.

    Dinner tonight will be grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup along with tapioca pudding.

    What will be your dinner?
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    The busiest night and day I've had for 12 months but I got through it. It was all new house related stuff. I finally got to bed last night at 8am this morning and I slept until 3pm and then it all started again. I'm tired but pleased that we are further forward with the house than we were yesterday.

    Dinner: We both had pork spareribs, mashed sweet potato and potato combined and John, of course, had peas. I had a little spoonful of a fruit preserve... fig and pomegranate. John had a lot more than me and I didn't eat much of what I had. Back to salads tomorrow I think.
    You know what sounds amazing for dinner?
    Anything I don't have to cook!


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      Chayote, our ribs look nothing like that cut of meat. I like to see the differences in the cuts of meat. That is probably why i like shopping at the bodega so much because the Mexican cuts of meat are so different from American cuts. I have a crock pot of chili going using sausage and some pulled pork from the freezer. I might make some cornbread to go with, but I am thinking a nap is in order first.


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        Not a thing planned for dinner tonight. I am going out for the evening.


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          It is a cool & gray day. So much better than HHH.
          found some BBQ pork in freezer so it's sammies & ??? Joe has his fav potato chips. I'll find some kind of veggie so I don't feel so guilty bout sandwiches 2 days in a row.
          making Take 5 candy bars. No guilt!! Lol

          Edit to say found my side YAY bumped up beans zucchini patty recipe. Been making zucc patties for years but this recipe is different
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            It’s been cool and cloudy today and kind of a lazy day. I’ve had a headache and really don’t feel like doing anything today, so I won’t, and that’s OK.

            We’re having our leftovers from Jimmy’s tonight. Prawn Alfredo for Ken, prawn fresco for me and green salad.


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              [QUOTE=muzette7;n754470]Chayote, our ribs look nothing like that cut of meat. I like to see the differences in the cuts of meat. /QUOTE]

              Do your spareribs have meat on them or are they rib bones with a small amount of meat? We can buy what we call American Ribs but they are beef and marinated in a very sweet bbq sauce. I haven't had them but Tiff's partner, Tim loves cooking them. Our pork spare ribs are the same cut as used for bacon. Some have a lot of fat but I only buy the leanest ribs I can get. It's one item that I never order online. We usually cook them on the BBQ but it was cold outside last night and decided to cook them in the airfryer, hence they were cut in half to fit them in the basket. John doesn't like any sauces at all so they were just cooked with no additives. For me I thawed out what I thought was either mango or apricot pulp and my plan was to heat it up and add some worchestershire sauce. Unfortunately, when it thawed out it was a ziploc bag of pumpkin soup which I'll have tonight... Next time I'm freezing three food items that are all orange in colour, I'll make sure I label them. At the time I thought I would remember what they were by where they were located in the freezer. I have a great memory... said no-one ever!

              Getting back to the subject... these are what our pork spareribs look like when they are raw. I would buy these ones:

              You know what sounds amazing for dinner?
              Anything I don't have to cook!