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October 16th Dinner Post

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  • October 16th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Wow, what a change in the temps with the high of 56 and the low of 48 with the rain that started last evening in buckets will continue today.

    I am baking pork chops that are the nicest I have seen in a very long time in gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots from the garden along with apple crisp.

    What delicious meal is calling your name for your dinner?
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    I've been sewing today... haven't done that for quite a while. Immy had grown too tall for her trousers but they are now 3" longer and will hopefully see her through to the end of the school year in December. I'm now keen to do some more sewing... trousers for Hannah, maybe some overalls and definitely some bibs because she's a messy eater.

    Grocery delivery due tomorrow (Sunday)... always good to look forward to.

    My nephew owns and runs a car parts shop and found out today that one of his employees has tested positive for COVID. Now they are closed and in quarantine for 14 days, as is my sister and her husband. This is the closest to my family that this has hit. Hopefully they will be ok because they are all double immunised and were wearing masks.

    Dinner was good tonight. I managed to steer John away from the pork steaks that were in the freezer. They will be thawed out by tomorrow. Instead we had battered flathead with chips and peas... I had the same except I had pea shoots:
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      Found a pork tenderloin that I roasted with hoisin sauce a while back. It was ok but doubt I'd do it again. Not sure yet but thinkin fried cabbage and roasted taters.


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        It’s been windy and quite cool today with heavy rain expected later tonight. We’ve just been doing minor things around the house all day, nothing of any consequence.

        We’re going to have dinner at Ixtapa tonight. I want the carne asada and shrimp tacos, Ken wants the garlic shrimp and mushrooms.