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  • Charcuterie Board

    They are coming out with the newest trend-I think
    I saw them at Sam's Club for $40.00 in a gift basket
    Very attractive gift for that person in ?
    In the cold cut department the have packaged meats
    that are common to use on the cutting board
    Has anyone used this or what do you think of this board

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    Making a charcuterie board yourself is very easy. No need to buy it ready made from costco or any other place.
    go on you tube and check out videos if you need ideas on how to do it. It really is fun to do.


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      I have seen them and I have one. For a friend that lost her husband I bought one that was just a perfect size for her and she loves it. The food was arranged beautifully and she said it was so good.

      When I do it for here DGS loves helping with it and is good at arranging the food and has taken it for different parties and get togethers at friends.

      If you are thinking of getting one it would be nice I would think but then that is just my opinion.

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        I think in light of covid, it probably is not a good idea to take a charcuterie board to a party to share with friends.