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The Funny Squash Story

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  • The Funny Squash Story

    I looked for my copy of the magazine this story was in, but obviously I put it in a “good safe place”. Anyway, the magazine had a column for submitting funny cooking anecdotes and I actually got a check for $50 for it! This was the just of the one I submitted.


    My husband and I have always loved all forms of squash. In the late 80’s I made some puréed yellow squash to be a part of our dinner, my youngest son was about 18 or so and he was having dinner with us that night. He was not a fan of squash at all and asked me why in the world I’d made that for dinner. I said “Oh, I just felt like making it tonight.” He looked at me in all earnestness and touched me on the arm and said, “Mom! What kind of horrible day did you have that would make you want this junk??” (He actually said crap, but I changed it for the magazine submission.)

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    That's so funny, Charlene... and congratulations on the $50 reward. I purchase and read two magazines per month and they have payments for little stories as well. I've been tempted over the years but haven't lodged anything.

    Well done! You have given me incentive to have a go...
    Effort only fully releases its rewards after a person refuses to quit.

    Napoleon Hill


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      That is tooo funny. (Laughing icon ) I know many people that hold the same sentiment. That is definitely prize worthy !!

      SEE CHAYOTE !!! Told ya you should write a book.


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        That’s funny!