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    It happened today - I heard a siren and then saw a Sheriff's SUV, an ambulance and a firetruck all in that order with their sirens blasting driving about 5 mph. At first you think "Oh no, what happened." We are such a small neighborhood with only five houses on each side of the street. Then I realized what it was - Santa was riding on top of the fire truck and the occupants were waving. I went outside and waved too. I think they come down our small street because there is a wide cul de sac and it is easy for them to turn around. My husband was out getting his booster shot so he missed it. The County has done this in the past but we aren't always home. So, that is where our tax dollars go - lol.

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    That’s so cool! Our FD will be doing it in our neighborhood next week.


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      Vera, when we first moved into our house in December, 1985 we were just settling in when we heard an old-fashioned fire bell in our court. We soon learned that the local Lions Club owned the antique vehicle and every year Santa hitched a ride to distribute lollies/candies to the children. It was great and all our children looked forward to it. Sadly it was stopped about 15 years old because complaints from the scrooges of the area complained that:

      1. Santa wasn't wearing a seatbelt

      2. It was possible for the lollies to be contaminated by the exhaust of the antique vehicle

      3. It encouraged children to run out on the road to receive their lollies from Santa

      4. and the weakest excuse I've ever heard... it discriminated against families that didn't celebrate Christmas...

      John and I were talking about this just a couple of weeks ago when I asked him what happened to the old fire engine. He said it's gathering dust in a shed that the Lions Club built to house it and hasn't been out of that shed since the last time it was used as Santa's last ride.
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        They do that here every year, collecting food for the food bank!


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          They used to do that many years ago here in SA, my son was a little boy. And then it stopped , never knew why ?
          Discrimination against families that don't celebrate Christmas..... give me a break. But these days it is all about not wanting to hurt anybody's feeling


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            I love this tradition! Our fire department does this as well on Christmas Eve about 6:30 pm and collect for the foodbank too!
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