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December 13th Dinner Post

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  • December 13th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The sun is bathing the land in all its splendor and will a high of 48 and the low of 33.

    I am not sure about dinner but am debating between hamburgers, potato salad and baked beans or replace the hamburger with BBQ chicken or maybe taco salad.

    What will be your Monday evening meal?
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    Went to the "big" city yesterday. They had flank steak marked down. I should have bought all 5 but only got three. Stuck 2 in freezer and just put one In marinade. Along with baked taters & idk something else.


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      We had a beautiful, mild sunny day here. I did book work, then started to put lights on the Christmas tree and then realized I did not have enough....forgot that last year my long string of lights burnt out. I wil have to wait til end of week when we go to town and hopefully find another string, then finish the decorating.
      I cooked a small roast beef, roasted potatoes/carrots and gravy for dinner.
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        It’s been cold and gray but for the most part it’s been dry all day. We’ve been puttering around in our middle bedroom this afternoon, hanging some of our old motorcycle trophy plaques and a few other odds and ends. There’s an antique watchmaker’s work desk in there that my father had that Ken always liked, and we’re still trying to sort out the useful from the useless things in the drawers. Did I ever mention my Dad was kind of a packrat? We didn’t realize how bad it was until after he passed.

        We’re having a big Italian salad tonight. We picked up a free one at Papa Murphys that has lettuce, olives, cheese, tomatoes, pepperoni and I’m adding some smoked trout and shrimp to it. We’ll have garlic bread with it.