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December 31st Dinner Post

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  • December 31st Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The end of the year is here, and I hope that the new year brings health and peace worldwide for everyone.

    The sun is shining at the moment with a chance of rain along with the high of 50 and the low of 45.

    DGS and I are having munchies for dinner tonight along with shrimp cocktail while we wait for the clock striking midnight.

    What are you doing for the end of the year for your dinner?

    Please, if you go out, keep yourself safe and drive carefully as so many will be drinking.
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    Big day today. After packing up all of my son's belongings that were stored in my green shed, Tiff and John drove to his house this morning and delivered it all to him. He has some amazing football items that will be worth real money in the future and I just hope he stores it all properly. I can't worry about it though. He's 35 years old now and he needs to take responsibility for what he wants to do with it all. I didn't send his little box of his first baby clothes, his favourite teddy bear and his Christening certificate because he has no interest in any of that stuff. He even told Immy that he was never a baby and was born as a fully grown man... *LOL* She didn't believe him... smart girl!

    I spent my day cooking, despite it being 41C. Our airconditioning kept the kitchen, loungeroom and familyroom cool. I made three batches of the family secret recipe dip... one for Tim to take to work, one for them to eat at home and one for me. I only made it at Christmas but I should make it more often. Also baked Tiff a loaf of bread.

    Dinner tonight: John had a pork burger; I had spaghetti bolognaise.
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      I am making a charcuterie board to snack on, at least that the plan. If we pick out a puppy that could change to take out.


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        Haven't been in the mood for much of anything other than sleep lately.
        made a batch of goulash. That's it


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          It has been a spectacularly pretty day today, sunny and clear and bright, with highs in the high 20’s. We could see the Olympic mountains from our front window and the Cascades from the back window, all dressed in their snowy glory. We got the snow blower out and cleared some patches in the backyard for Abby and made a path in the driveway and the walk up to the front door. We need to go up to the mailbox and pick up the mail, haven’t touched it all week.

          We’re having our usual New Year’s Eve meal tonight. Shrimp Cocktail ring, chips and dips, and I’m thinking about making a quicky puff pastry, cheddar cheese and apple appetizer. If I don’t do it tonight I’ll do it tomorrow. Maybe.


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            I heated up something but didn’t eat very much. I had lunch at my church so I really didn’t want anything.


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              We just had leftover turkey/gravy/fries tonite. Nothing going on for us tonite. No parties for us...keeping our distance once again...numbers very high in our region. Still hoping we travel at end of month. We get our boosters on the 4th. Happy New Year to everyone! Hope its a better year for all xo
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