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Having a gripe at Woolworths!!

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  • Having a gripe at Woolworths!!

    My groceries were delivered tonight and I'm peeved with the person who delivered them. The driver usually gets out of his truck and loads the bags of groceries into plastic crates and uses a dolly to wheel them up to our front door. Mr Macho-man delivered them tonight and couldn't be bothered with the dolly. He carried the three crates from the truck to our front door... about 40'. My groceries were heavy because the order included 8 litres of orange juice.

    By the time he reached the front door, he was sweating under the weight of the crates. He dumped the crates down on the concrete driveway, unloaded the bags and then took off before we could open the door.

    Now I know why:

    All of this was tossed out. Three eggs had minute cracks so I made a chocolate cake for John. I'll use the rest of them tomorrow because there may be cracks that I can't see. Woolworth refunded the $6 but I'm still annoyed.

    Here endeth my gripe...
    Effort only fully releases its rewards after a person refuses to quit.

    Napoleon Hill

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    aw what a mess, they better retrain him. shameful waste of good food. Could the dolly have broken? been using wheels since the flinestones... macho man. lol


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      Chay. I would be LIVID. Really do not understand people anymore. No respect, no integrity. It's exhausting. Glad they reimbursed you BUT kinda not the point !!!
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