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Mid-Atlantic winter storm

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  • Mid-Atlantic winter storm

    Our county was in the bullseye of this winter storm. I don't think we personally got as much snow due to living close to the water where it is a bit warmer. Got up this morning and saw on TV where people have been stranded on I-95 for 15 hours. It was a sea of vehicles. People running out of gas trying to keep warm, people having children and pets with them. One man that was interviewed was so grateful for the county fire and rescue because he needed dialysis and two ATVs were sent out to him to get him to our local hospital. He was crying and grateful that his life was saved. These are just heartwarming and scary stories. We are on automatic generator and because our furnaces are dual fuel, we are using the propane side and not the heat pump side which isn't connected to the generator. We have a lot to be grateful for. But what a mess on the Interstate. As of this morning traffic still wasn't moving due to disabled vehicles and exits with downed trees. So, I am not complaining.

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    I read about it online, what a mess.
    it must be terrible to be stuck for that length of time in your car in freezing weather and there is nothing you can do. No food, no water, let's hope that mess gets cleared up soon.


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      Worried for them, what a relief the man got help- I hope today the rest of them are relieved. I believe its time to call for Natl Guard assistance. They need it.


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        We are watching on the news. WOW so scary. Agree with sharkie, they need to get NG in there & get people somewhere safe. Thankful you and hubby are home & safe.


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          They showed I-95 on TV this morning. Very slow go, if it all, most of the trucks were just at a stand still. I wonder if there was an accident that started this pile up ?
          Glad you and your husband are safe Vera


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            We saw the reports on the news, what a mess! Yesterday I-90 was closed over Snoqualmie Pass for 18 hours and there was a lot of traffic stuck up there too.