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January 16th Dinner Post

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  • January 16th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is sunny with the lull before the storm with the high of 33 and the low of 24. The snow starts tonight with 9-12" expected by tomorrow afternoon. Ick!!

    We are having baked potatoes with sloppy joe mixture on them along with baked beans and cole slaw.

    What is your Sunday dinner?
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    Not really sure which thread for the 16th I should use so I'll just pick the first one.

    We've had such a productive weekend. The contents of our garage has reduced by about 40% which is a great effort. I spent the whole time wrapping my bone china, which is all finished. Just working on a few items that I'm keeping because they belonged to my Mum. Tomorrow I'll empty the two crystal cabinets which only have a few items... most of my collection is already packed and in Adelaide. I've already emotionally separated from this house, mainly because of the misery that our neighbours have caused us, and are still verbally abusing us for nothing. Sure we could take out intervention orders and fight back but there's no point to that. We were already planning on moving and all we are doing is bringing the date forward.

    We had Tiff, Tim and Immy here all day so I decided to shout fish and chips for dinner. Either I was just tired and hungry or it was genuinely the nicest fish and chips I've ever had... either way I don't care. It's was a treat. We also had pineapple fritters and there was one left so that will be lunch tomorrow.

    Young Andrew had his first COVID vaccination yesterday. He was very brave and everyone was proud of him. He said his "brave" was stronger than his "fear" which is a great description of how he felt.
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      Good to hear that Andrew had his first vaccination in light of his health issues.


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        We went on a long road trip this morning to look at some houses before the blizzard hits. Last night when I went to bed they said the storm would miss us, but that keeps rapidly changing. We took the puppy with us for the trip because I didnt want to lock him up sll day. Let me tell you, hubs and the puppy were both farting so bad I kept the window half open in 27 degree weather. Hubs is getting the snow blowers gassed up and making sure we have extra gas for the generator if we need it. Picking up meatball sandwiches because I am lazy.


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          A bit warmer here for us today, altho woke up to oil line frozen AGAIN! took hubby all morning to get the ice to come thru. Took a drive to town today, went down some pretty cottage roads, looks so nice with all the snow on the trees. As far as I know, we don't have a storm coming.
          The kids made it safely to Costa Rica! Kian was a very well behaved little guy on the flight apparently, thank God. Woke up to a flood of pics from the kids, so nice to see! They are staying a really nice air bnb house.
          For dinner I made Outback's Alice Springs chicken with rice and a mixed veg
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            It’s a nice day today, kind of a lazy day though. We took a nice drive earlier, checked out some areas in the foothills that we hadn’t been through yet. It was really pretty out there.

            I’m fresh out of dinner idea today, so Ken suggested going to Ixtapa for dinner and that sounds perfect! Mexican food it is!