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January 22nd Dinner Post

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  • January 22nd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is partly sunny and a welcome sight. The high will be 26 and the low of 19. The weather temp is a horrid cold of 0 right now.

    It will be a dinner of clean out the fridge of leftovers. DGS's favorite meal.

    What will you be you having tonight?
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    I have 3 boiled potatos that must be used. So gonna chop em small dice & fry em up along with over easy eggs. Bought one of the pkgs sliced ham. Few slices seared & also got a loaf Italian bread. Going to make oven toast. What a long way of saying. Breakfast. Lol


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      We had our booster vaccine this afternoon. It was a very hot day and our appointment at the hub was 2.15pm. By 3pm the hub had closed because of the heat so we just got there in time. Great to see so many parents bringing in their children over 5yo for their vaccinations. They get a showbag with a colouring book, pens, fidget spinner and another toy of some kind.

      It's now 12 hours since our boosters and we feel perfectly fine. That could change by tomorrow.

      Dinner tonight was chicken wings cooked on the BBQ. I managed to get some chicken and lamb from our local butcher. I've given up trying to get fresh foods from Woolworths.
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        It started out foggy but it changed into a beautiful clear and cool day. I’ve been doing laundry and some general tidying up today. I saw an interesting fundraiser on our Cedarhome Ridge homeowners association page and the neighbors are all getting into it. One family has 3 kids that want to go to camp this summer so they’re starting a haul your trash cans to the street and bring them back in service and they’ll do it for $4 a month. We thought it was a great idea! We sure love our neighborhood!

        I’m trying out a quickie recipe for Crouton Chicken Casserole and we’ll have salad with it. I’ll post the recipe after I make it and taste it.


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          We had sausages and pierogies done in the AF...amazing! and a side of fried onions and baked beans
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            Oh it was so so so cold today. -4 when I got up to take the dog out, neither one of us liked it. It was so cold out we didn't get to spend any time outside other than potty time so he was a huge jerk. He broke down the gate and tried to pee on the cat and missed, so that was fun. Then since he was being a toddler and getting into everything to test me he decided that since I flip light switches that he should also flip light switches. So yeah he was jumping at the walls all stinking day. When his ears were cropped they cut their nails back to little stubbies so they cant scratch and I have been keeping them trimmed that way so thankfully he cant do any damage to the walls. I am getting plexiglass put on one of the walls by the door he goes out of since he jumps and tries to open the knob himself to go out. Thankfully there is a deadbolt so he cant get out. We went for a walk last night for a good hour. Apparently I need to get snowpants so we can go out on these arctic days. We are signed up for 6 months of dog classes but they do not start until the end of Feb. I am going to have to teach him tracking or agility to keep his mind busy, since he is a smarty pants. I dont even like dogs lol.

            I made pulled pork in the crockpot because the grill was frozen shut. I could use the pellet grill but then I would have to take the cover off and that seemed like a ton of work. It came out really good though. We are doing a family dinner tomorrow so I did manage to get cupcakes and pasta salad made.