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Winter Warm Up

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  • Winter Warm Up

    Because of the very cold weather I have
    been drinking Chai for the past month
    I've double the recipe and and put in a
    container in the fridge. So good to warm
    up in the micro to start the long days
    What is your go to beverage when its
    this cold?
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    I take comfort in hot chocolate with whipped cream of course. I thought Chia were seeds. I didn't know it was something you could drink.


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      I like Harney and Sons red hot tea. It tastes like the red hots candy and its sugar free.


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        Vera You R right. Chia is a seed
        My miss spell. It should be Chai


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          My son-in-law always orders chai latte when he's out. I've never tried it. I had a cup of coffee today for the first time since Gordon went into the nursing home. I didn't deliberately give it up... just sort of happened. I enjoyed what I had today.

          My go to warm drink if I'm cold is a hot chocolate milkshake. I think I sleep better with warm milk in my belly. I might make one tonight before bed as it's been a hectic day.
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