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February 3rd Dinner Post

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  • February 3rd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    So far it is not as bad as I thought it would be but that can change in a heartbeat. It rained most of yesterday and last night and we have about 2 inches of snow at present. They have predicted 8-15 inches for today along with the high of 26 and the low of 13. Regardless, this girl is staying in and not braving the outdoors at all today.

    Dinner will be precooked chicken from the freezer, chicken stock I made and froze for making gravy for combing with the chicken for over mashed potatoes, peas and rice pudding.

    What will be your dinner?
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    More packing today... this time from the nursery. Four boxes of toys are going with us and the rest, Immy took home. That room should be finished by tomorrow evening.

    Dinner: John had two rissoles, a small potato, peas, carrots and some zucchini from the garden; I had some pumpkin soup, two bake-at-home rolls and ham.

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      I thought it would be much worse also LTB. We have about 3 in now but they are saying much more this afternoon. I am probably just getting something from the bodega because lazy sound good today.


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        Snowing horizontally @ 30 mph from the north. We're in the range of 7 to 9 inches.
        Joe thinks chili sounds good. That works for me


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          I am having trouble eating anything but think I will do breakfast for dinner this evening. Last night I baked a potato and had about three bites of that. I believe tonight is hot soup.


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            It’s been cool and cloudy most of the day, and we had some light rain this morning. We’ve been puttering around the house most of the day.

            We’re having Italian meatball sandwiches and Waldorf salad for dinner.