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February 9th Dinner Post

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  • February 9th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    We will have a mainly overcast sky with the high of 38 and the low of 28 with a 40% chance of rain/snow showers.

    I am morphing the roasted chicken into BBQ sandwiches and the vegetables into a vegetable soup.

    What will be your dinner?
    Heritic, rebel, a thing to flount,
    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    It’s been a cool but dry day today. Ken checked out the lawns, they’re still too soggy to cut. One of these days!! I went to the ATM at my bank for a fresh infusion of cash and then proceeded to spend a whole bunch of it at Grocery Outlet. I got 3 pork shoulder toasts, a big pork loin for cutting into pork chops, 4 pounds of Wagyu and Kobe ground beef, 4 packages of Carando meatballs, frozen green beans, and a bunch of other pantry items. I’ve got everything vacuum sealed and frozen but the loin roast, I’ll do that tomorrow.

    We’re having the rest of the Bourbon chicken, brown rice and salad for dinner.