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February 18th Dinner Post

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  • February 18th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Man, here we go again. Snow, snow and more snow with ice under it all. When I was out yesterday it was raining pretty hard, kept hitting such heavy fog in some areas and was getting colder by the minute as the day went on. I left early, got home late afternoon and was happy being out of the bad weather. Piece of cake compared with looking out the window this morning. We got about four more inches and it is still coming down. Roads were closed yesterday because of flooding so I imagine they still might be today because of ice now.

    The high today will be 28 and the low of 19.

    Dinner will be something, not sure what yet. I do know it will be a comfort food, going freezer shopping and seeing what kind of soup I have for the crockpot or whatever else I might find in there.

    What Friday night meal will you be having?
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    I struck gold today! I phoned a different removalist company and was very, very happy when the agent told me that our move will cost $5,400 including insurance. I was doing my best happy dance. For no extra charge, the kind lady promoted our booking to their VIP service which includes dismantling our beds and when they arrive in the Adelaide house, they will be reassembled. Music to my ears! So it's booked, paid for and the truck will be here on 4th March. The monetary difference between the two quotes will buy John's mobility scooter.

    The pantry is now cleaned out. The only things left are a packet of Pop Tarts, jar of Vegemite, three tins of baked beans and John's porridge container. Some of the contents of the pantry is going to Tiff and four small crates of non-perishables will go with the truck. I think there's enough food in the freezer for four more meals and after that... I'M NOT COOKING!!! We can just buy good, healthy food from KFC, Red Rooster and the fish and chip shop... *LOL*

    Dinner tonight: John had sausages, mashed potato, onion, peas and carrot. I had fried rice (instant, from a packet) and savoury mince.
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      LOL Chayote that is a crazy difference in price. Glad you shopped around. NO COOKING for days. I know envy is wrong so I'll just say YAY FOR YOU, lucky girl (I'm still envious )

      It is freaking cold. 15, there is a layer of ice then an inch of snow. Not driving anywhere today.

      The plan at the moment is humble stew.


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        Picking up Chinese food because I am feeling extra lazy today.


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          It’s been a very pretty day today, comfortable temperatures and sunny with scattered clouds. We went to a couple or nurseries and checked out trees and shrubs for the front yard, then took a scenic drive to Mount Vernon and got things at Walmart we needed.

          We’re doing a no brainer dinner tonight…hot dogs and fruit salad.