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  • well... that was fun

    There were a couple other things that went wrong since I last posted but I won't elaborate. In the end we have moved into our new home and have about 10% of our property unpacked. We are still eating out because we haven't yet found the toaster, cutlery or crockery. We are almost naked because we haven't found the water hoses for the washing machine (not quite that bad but the laundry is piling up).

    I have my computer up and running but only the basics. The NBN is connected but we still don't have our TV working. I did find our little radio so we can listen to that. I'll try and get foxtel, our subscription TV soon.

    Our house is ready for sale. Handyman finished yesterday, Gardener finished today. Photographer is booked for next Tuesday. Hopefully on Wednesday it will be listed for auction.

    I dearly hope that the worst if this move is over and now we can just get everything packed away and start to relax.
    Effort only fully releases its rewards after a person refuses to quit.

    Napoleon Hill

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    Chayote - You and John have been through the ringer. No one could have anticipated how badly this move was for you. I hope everything going forward rings in your favor. It would be wonderful if your house sold the first week and you can put that behind you. Only good thoughts now that you are closer to Julia and family. Maybe Hannah will learn to smile for you when she sees you - lol.


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      Every time we moved, the movers put the water hoses for the washer inside of the washing machine, that way you didn't have to hunt for them. Also it sure helps to mark the moving boxes with numbers , and then mark down what is inside the box , so you know where the important things are.


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        HUMMMM almost naked - sounds like you made it to the HoneyMoon Palace
        Just put up DO NOT DISTURB sign
        Glad you arrived safe