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March 13th Dinner Post

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  • March 13th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is just plain cold but will warm up with the high of 40 and the low of 33 with another windy day along with snow but not a lot.

    I am pulling turkey from the freezer along with some broth and making turkey noodle soup and apple cobbler.

    What will be your Sunday dinner?
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    WOW the wind is crraazzyy. Suppose to get to the low 50s.
    going to morph the pork roast into pork Manhattan's.


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      arrgghhh what's with the snow?!?!?!
      I made some spaghetti sauce with Classico's vodka sauce, our fav! Added mushrooms/peppers/onion. Side of garlic bread
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        I just cant seem to get warm today at all. We had puppy school today and for once my dog was the best behaved one there so he will probably be a jerk for the whole week. I didnt feel like cooking today so we went to a mom and pop diner that we used to go to. The business got new owners and the food is not good now. I always got the veal because it was the real deal hand breaded and so good. Now its an over deep fried patty covered in cruddy brown gravy mix. You live and learn I guess. Hubs got liver and onions and liked it. He probably just likes it because I refuse to make it.


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          Pretty day today, all discombobulated by the stupid time change. WA state voted a couple of years ago to keep DST all year, but it still requires Federal approval to do so. Keep it one way or the other! Ken has done pretty well eating today, not great but I’m making sure he gets some protein. It’s shocking how weak he’s gotten so quickly.

          Dinner…good question. I have more of the shrimp and cream sauce with egg noodles and I’ll heat some of that up for Ken. He really liked it. I think I’ll have the green chile and cheese tamales I didn’t have a couple of days ago.