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March 15th Dinner Post

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  • March 15th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    What a beautiful blue sky with the sun kissing the land I see some of the daffodils shoots up about 3 inches. Flowers and beauty are in the making. The high will be 55 and the low of 39 along with spotty showers later.

    We will have hot gravy and chicken sandwiches, salad and a fruit salad tonight.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    Nothing kissing the land over here... it was a hot and humid day with thunderstorms and occasional rain showers lasting less than 5 minutes.

    I'm getting back into cooking. Found out the problem with the dishwasher and now it's working so I don't mind how many dirty dishes I create. John had pork steak, peas, mashed potato and two eggs. I had baked beans and bake-at-home bread rolls.

    Starting to get boxes into the correct rooms for unpacking. I predict another week and we'll have unpacked everything we intend using at this house.
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      I wish I had a good idea for dinner. I suspect it won’t be much as I have a luncheon this morning. I have to make one stop on my way and may shop afterwards for something to wear. My clothes are beginning to hang on me and need replacement.

      Have a good day


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        No idea. We bought a lake cabin in southern Ohio and had to have the sheriff drag the people out. I do not feel bad at all, the taxes are 800 a year and they haven't paid in over 10 years. So now these hillbillies parked an RV next to the house and yell at us when we go saying how we stole the house. The RV is actually parked on a fire safety lane/ beach access easement. A town councilman just happens to live a few houses down and they have wanted these people gone for a very long time. We have to go to a council meeting tonight with photos so all the council can vote to have the RV removed. Its not a big deal just time consuming. The council meeting is at 8 pm and its a 2 hour drive. We will probably just pick up something on the road.


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          It’s rainy today. I am exhausted today, Ken had a really bad night last night. He is so addled and confused, I’m afraid the cancer cells have traveled to his brain. He has no idea where we are or how long we’ve been here and he wouldn’t let me get him into bed last night, wound up in bed with clothes and shoes on. He’s fallen a few times and his hands have developed a tremor too. It’s not looking good at all. He has an oncology appointment tomorrow, we’ll see what they have to say.

          Dinner, what a joke. Bibigo Mandu Bul Gogi potstickers for me, I’m not sure what Ken will want.


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            Charlene - You have your hands full. This is not sounding good at all. Hard to believe that whatever Ken has, that it has progressed so fast to the point he doesn't even know where he is at. I hope you get some answers tomorrow and a plan will be in place for you to guide him. I'm sure everyone here feels badly for you. Stay strong - Ken is counting on you now.


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              Charlene, I am so sorry to hear all that. Like Vera posted , it just doesn't sound good. I hope the oncologist that you are seeing tomorrow has some answers for you. It sounds to me that you need some in home care for Ken. If you don't get rest at night you are not going to be any help for Ken.
              Have you let your family know what is going on ? If not maybe it is time to let them know.
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                Oh Charlene


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                  I plan on letting the family know tomorrow after we see the oncologist. My youngest son knows but I’ve got him sworn to secrecy until tomorrow. Usually I’m very optimistic about his health issues, but I’m not this time. It’s gone so bad so fast that I just don’t see how he could possibly return to normal. I will see about getting some help.