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March 17th Dinner Post

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  • March 17th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a mostly sunny sky with the high of 68 and the low of 45. My spring flowers are really shooting up with the warmer temps and lots of sunshine.

    I thought about making my corned beef in honor of St. Patrick's day but decided on eggs, hash and blueberry muffins.

    What will be your dinner?
    Heritic, rebel, a thing to flount,
    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    Finally talked John into replacing his old plasma TV. We went out today and bought him the same 55" smart TV that I bought a few days ago. It will take a few lessons but I think he will manage it. I haven't yet told him about the voice selection of shows... I'll keep that information for tomorrow. All he needs to do is press the mic. button on the remote and tell the TV the name of the show he wants to watch and it will find it. TVs have come a long way since the B&W 23" set that I remember being delivered to my parents' house when I was 5 years old... *LOL* I was the 'remote control' for that TV. It was our family TV until I was 22yo when my sister bought Mum her first colour set.

    For dinner we had fish and chips with our family. Hannah is allowing me to pick her up and play with her now. It didn't take long. I spent the afternoon giving her rides on my walker. She laughed so much. She and Andrew took turns to sit on the walker seat until it was time to go home. I think I did about 20 laps of our extraordinarily long hallway. It's been nicknamed 'the bowling alley'... I should measure it so I can keep track of how far I walk during the day. I told our landlord that I was considering buying a skateboard!

    Effort only fully releases its rewards after a person refuses to quit.

    Napoleon Hill


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      I have a luncheon today and dinner will likely be very quick and simple.


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        We went down to the lake house today so I could pick out colors. Not that it matters because I told him just to use whatever we had in storage. Its the first time we didnt take the dog with us and he is now ignoring me for leaving him all day. Corned beef leftovers or chicken salad for dinner.


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          It’s been raining most of the day today. I started making phone calls to family, still have more to do tomorrow. Ken’s sister is going to come up on Sunday. Ken’s CT scan was scheduled for 5pm today, they called about 2 pm and asked if we could get there by 3pm. Yes! We made it and got back home. I did stop at the Safeway gas station and filled up the tank “just in case” I don’t have time to do it in the next couple of days. Even with $1 off per gallon it was still $3.45 a gallon.

          I was smart last night, I got everything into the Crock Pot last night and refrigerated it and popped it in the heating element about 11 am and it was done when we got back. We’re having Angel Chicken and mini farfalle with sautéed zucchini tonight.