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March 20th Dinner Post

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  • March 20th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    And the rain continues. We have a chance of rain/snow mixture this morning and then clearing up with sun this afternoon. For the first day of Spring it is not the nicest. The high will be 52 and the low of 37.

    We are having baked potatoes with chili on them along with cheese and sour cream. We also will have a salad and DGS will have peanut butter pie.

    What will be your dinner?
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    Dinner tonight was much the same as last night... bread rolls with lettuce, tomato, onion and crumbed chicken.

    Busy day tomorrow... picking up my new printer and a few other things from BigW. Better buy a ream of paper as well... I have no idea where I have any. We need to find a laundromat to dry our bed linen. Then we need to find out where we can take cardboard for recycle. I'm running out of places to stash it. We have far too much to put in the recycle bin. Woolworths supermarket takes soft plastics for recycling. That will get rid of three big garbage bags full of bubblewrap and cling wrap.

    Cutlery, drinking glasses and toaster are still MIA. Starting to think that they might have been left in Melbourne, in which case that box would be in Tiff's garage.
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      I am totally clueless about dinner this evening. I am considering making deviled eggs in a bit. I am not sure why I got hungry for them but I can make a salad and have a couple of the deviled eggs.

      Tomorrow I will put on a pot of chicken to cook chicken and dumplings.


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        I’ve been visiting with Ken’s sister all afternoon and evening, had some great conversations and laughs. She was pretty shocked at how Ken looks and how confused he is.

        I made Green Bean Okazu and brown rice for dinner.