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March 24th Dinner Post

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  • March 24th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is partly sunny and the wind has finally died down after blowing so hard. There is a chance of rain with the high of 52 and the low of 38.

    DGS asked for french toast for dinner along with bacon, applesauce and scrambled eggs. Easy enough.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    It's a gray, coolish windy day.
    I "think" salmon patties, steamed cauliflower and cheesy creamed potatos. Or is it potatoes.???? Lol I don't use the. E. But spell check always comes up with it


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      We hit the jackpot with our new podiatrist... she was so nice and didn't make me flinch even once. I can cross 'new podiatrist' off my list of things to do.

      From there we went to Bunnings where I bought several packets of stick on hooks that are supposed to come off without marking the walls. Hope they work. Also, in support of my new recycling craze, I bought a "NO JUNK MAIL" sticker for our mailbox.

      Our new walkers arrived today and they are amazing. So easy to fold up and they fit in the boot of the car so much better than the old ones. Already found a home for the old ones. The Returned Soldiers' League (RSL Club) near my brother-in-law's house refurbish disability aids to provide wheelchairs and walkers for people who need them. The ones we have need a little bit of work, mainly on the brakes, but they are worth passing on.

      For dinner tonight: we each had a small piece of steak, John had mashed sweet potato, peas and sautéed zucchini and onion while I had everything except the peas. I'm enjoying only ordering food for a week of meals. So far I haven't missed having a separate freezer at all.
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        I had errands today and then a dentist appointment. I came home and the boys are cleaning up the yard for the fence install next week. The dog wanted to play outside with everyone and was being a pita so we went for a walk. Thankfully no trains went by because he still is afraid of them, but he is getting better. We took the boys to lunch and had Mexican of course so I probably will just have salad for dinner.


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          I carry a walker in my car all the time. It is looking a bit rough but comes in handy. My right knee is not in good shape. Many years ago I broke my leg skiing and the knee has suffered from that accident. I’ve been getting shots in the knee but it is a matter of time before it needs replacement.

          dinner tonight is questionable at best but likely will be an omelet or something very simple.


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            Hello! We had a freezing rain storm last night...welcome Spring! lol. All good here tho. I made a meatloaf in the morn before we went to town shopping for groceries. Hoped to get back about 3 pm to put 'er in the oven and we did! Sides of scalloped potatoes and corn.
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              It’s been a pretty day today. Ken has pretty much slept all day, it took me 20 minutes to wake him up this morning, unfortunately he’s declining quickly. My wonderful next door neighbors came over and mowed my back lawn for us, grass was close to a foot tall. I got our power push mower out of the shed for them so we had two mowers going. They trimmed up the front too. I just love that family.

              I found a recipe this morning for a 3 cheese quiche and I had just enough of the ingredients needed to make it. I chopped up a piece of Honey Baked ham and added that to it too. I might have some salad or fruit with it.