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April 1st Dinner Post

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  • April 1st Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It rained most of the night and is still overcast. The wind will gust will till midafternoon and not be as bad into the overnight. The high of 42 and the low of 31.

    DGS said he will make pizza so I will start the dough and he can take it from there. He made the sauce last night so it will have a good flavor.

    What will be your dinner on the first day of April?
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    Snow over night, won't stay long.
    Dinner is up in the air right now, could be pita pizza's of salisbury steaks/gravy fries & peas. We are invited to an afternoon 60th BD party for SIL, so I'm thinking the easiest dinner of pizza should be moved til clue how long we will be out there.
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      I had such a productive day... I packed away clothes that we currently don't need, bed linen we don't need in this house, three loads of laundry and hung it outside in the courtyard and between all that, found new places for stuff we brought with us. I can see a big difference in the house now. I've now found everything except for some fridge containers for storing vegetables and five fabric 'drawers' for an Ikea cube cabinet. They might be still in Melton with Tiff.

      For dinner I ordered in fish, chips and salad, delivered by Menulog. Do you have that service in the US? Our groceries were delivered tonight as well. Believe it or not, Woolworths has totally run out of bags. Last week the groceries were delivered in bags-for-life and this week even those had run out. On the news tonight they we asking customers to take bags with them to the supermarkets. The delivery man took our groceries out of the crates and we loaded them onto our walkers. If they had been sourcing their bags from an Australian company they wouldn't have run out!
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        I have leftover stew and chili so I will heat up something. Right now I am exhausted and really need to get out and shop for clothes to wear but while the desire is there I just don’t want to go out. I broke down and ordered a pair of pants from Amazon. Hopefully they will fit. I have lost quite a bit of weight. Tomorrow I will head to the mall.


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          It’s been a pleasant day with very comfortable temperatures. I went up to the hospital this morning, Ken seemed really out of it. I’ll be picking him up tomorrow and bringing him home and the hospice people will come a little later. Two of my kids will be coming up next weekend.

          I’m really tired today, I’m going to go to Gyro Stop down the street (they just opened here recently) and get some dinner to go.