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March 3rd Dinner Post

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  • March 3rd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is dark and snowing believe it or not. We got about 2 inches overnight that should stop about midafternoon with the high of 45 and the low of 32.

    With leftover sauce from the pizza I will make goulash, salad and garlic bread.

    What will be your Sunday Dinner ?

    Might be a good idea if I hit Post!!!
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    Cleaning out the fridge and I had half a bottle of V8 so I decided on veggie soup.


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      The weather is not consistent at all! Hubby went out in yard to day to start burning random leftover cut end of lumber etc then when he came in for breakfast I reminded him that since April 1st we've entered the 'no day time burning' bylaw...he grumbled probably cuz 'I' told him lol...he put fire out and will have to apply for a burn permit tmo
      Our dinner plans changed again, DS was supposed to fry us up some crappies and roast potatoes in AF, now we've gone back to having the pita pizzas.
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        I went off to church this morning and after services I headed home and still haven’t had anything to eat. It is time to get something going on the stove. If I wasn’t so lazy I would take myself out to eat but I believe I can find something to fix that will work for a quick meal. It’s time to quit losing weight.


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          The day kind of got away from me. My oldest son arrived at about 7:20 am this morning, drove straight through from the vicinity of Bakersfield. I didn’t expect him until much later. It’s nice to have him here, he’s been super helpful. He was really shocked when he saw Ken, he’s so thin right now. Ken has been kind of restless this afternoon but we finally got him settled down. Hospice nurse came early this afternoon too. I’m kind of wiped out right now.

          I heated up the sauce for the chiles rellanos I made a couple of days ago and thawed and lightly pan fried the stuffed chiles and Steve (my son) and I had those for dinner. They tasted wonderful!