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April 7th Dinner Post

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  • April 7th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    After a rainy end of the day yesterday the sun is shinning with a chance of rain with the high of 55 and the low of 37.

    Leftover stuffed pepper soup, garlic bread and chocolate pudding will be dinner.

    What are you having tonight?
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    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    Today I shopped for clothes with my daughter and Grandaughter and then we went out for a quick bite of lunch.

    I have a trip coming up this summer and should be set for clothes except a bathing. No more shopping for a while.


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      We had sun, snow, hail, rain off and on all day! Every time I thought about going out for a walk, it would rain, so walk did not happen today.
      I made a large tater tot casserole yesterday, so we will have leftovers tonite, not thinking that DS won't be able to eat that as he had a tooth pulled today. Went to store and bought a bunch of soft foods for him
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        Like Mudder, it's been everything today. Says it's high 40s sure doesn't feel like it.
        Had a few things to pick up. I found chicken breast! Haven't been able to get them for several weeks. I grabbed several pkgs. Now UGH have to clean em up & get em in the freezer.
        Joe will finish off spag, garlic bread & salad. I pounded 2 small breast for a quick sear. 1 of those with a salad for me.


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          It’s been a nice day today, it actually hit 70 in Seattle this afternoon. I had a bit of extra sleep last night, only had to keep Ken from getting out of bed once. Hospice nurse came and bathed him and we got the sheets changed and a lot of extra supplies too. My youngest son arrived last night and he’ll be here for at least a week. He is very helpful in taking care of Ken. I may try sleeping in my own bed tonight and have him keeping watch in the family room where Ken is.

          I’m going to make smoky sausage and black eyed peas with collard greens for dinner. I love it and it’s easy to make.