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April 19th Dinner Post

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  • April 19th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is overcast with a rain/snow mix and the high of 42 and a low of 29.

    Dinner will be a simple one of egg salad sandwiches, salad and DGS will have the last cupcake.

    What are you having this evening?
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    We had our busy day and everything got done. Lunch was at Subway. When I took a large bag of stuff to the OpShop, I had a look around and came home with a nice Beswick plate from the 1930's, a teddy bear that plays nursery songs for Hannah and some little resin fairies to send to Immy for her fairy garden. While I was at OfficeWorks picking up a cube storage unit I had a quick look at computers. I think I know what I want to replace my desktop box... they are making computers cheaper and much more compact than in times gone by.

    Our dinner tonight: John had the last of the Irish stew with mashed potatoes and peas. I had spaghetti bolognaise.
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      Rain and snow today, just plain yucky! DH & HS ony lasted 2 hours on the job site, too slippery on the timbers to work. Not a good day to go in the 'drink'
      Today I am making mac & cheese with some of the leftover ham, rest of ham will go in freezer.
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        I had errands to run today so I grabbed a grocery store box of fried chicken. Hubs says he doesn't like it but he was eating it.


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          It’s been a bit of everything weather wise today. Light rain this morning and sunny and bright this afternoon. My son and DIL should be arriving momentarily, they’ll be here the rest of the week. Kim hasn’t been here yet and it’s going to be nice to show off the area to both of them. I had a long talk with my GD Lauren in Chattanooga this morning, I love that girl to pieces. Yesterday was her 35th birthday, just doesn’t seem possible.

          I’ve got two choices for dinner tonight; it’ll either be the roasted chicken I made a couple of days ago or homemade cheeseburgers. Whichever we choose we will have potato salad with it.