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April 21st Dinner Post

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  • April 21st Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is raining with the high of 67 and the low of 42 with sunshine later today.

    Dinner will be French toast, sausage and applesauce.

    What will be your dinner?
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    We are going to the other house for a few days. There is a hoagie shack there I want to try, and tomorrow we are hitting the flea market.


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      Rainy day, no workie for the guy's so we went in to town again and picked up more stuff for the party.
      When we go to town, I always like to stop in at the Salvation Army thrift store. I've picked up a good portion of toys that we have for our house I lucked out again and got a set of 6 mini board books - Thomas The Tank Engine, they were is pristine condition, doesn't even look like they had been opened & read. $2.00. Then, found a bag of multicoloured foam blocks that had not been opened for $3.00!
      Tonite DD will be joining us for dinner, we are having homemade burgs and garden salad. Was hoping to BBQ, but looks like an all day rain.
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        We picked up and assembled an 8-cube shelving unit for our laundry cupboard. I have a lot of cleaning products that I purchased for half price last year and now I'm wondering what I was thinking! I have enough for at least three years of cleaning and it has now cost me $100 for shelving to store it. Just kidding about that bit... we will take the shelving unit with us when we leave this house and I'll use it for many moons ahead.

        I suggested that we buy dinner on the way home but John had already seen some steak in the fridge that he fancied. Fine... I cooked him steak, mashed potato, eggs and onion. I ended up have baked beans and bake-at-home rolls... Grocery delivery tomorrow so we'll have more variety for the next week.
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          It’s been a very breezy and cool day today. I took Steve and Kim up through the backroads to Conway, La Connor, and through the tulip fields in Skagit County earlier, they were overwhelmed by how beautiful it is here. Tomorrow I’m going to take them out to breakfast at Calico Cupboard, one of my favorite places. Steve has completely organized my garage for me and cut and edged my lawns and it looks so nice. I think my back lawn was about 12” deep. I gave them some things they needed to take home with them, including the car top carrier, a Roomba and an 8x10 Ruggable rug. They’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon.

          I’m making Chianti pot roast with cheese tortellini and garlic bread for dinner.