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April 22nd Dinner Post

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  • April 22nd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is sunny with the high of 60 and the low of 50 along with rain late in the day.

    It will be leftovers for dinner tonight so DGS will be a happy camper.

    What will be your dinner?
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    Cloudy. Mid 50s. Maybe it's me but doesn't feel that warm.

    Parm garlic chicken strips (baked) leftover cheesy potatos and steamed broccoli.


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      Did a final sort out of the garage today. Some items went to the opshop, some got bundled up and sent to our grandchildren, some (very few things) got binned. I found a box of towels but I'll have to pack them away again because the vanity cabinets in both bathrooms are very small. I can fit two decent sized towels in each or three small ones. I suspect my arms and legs will be aching tomorrow. I'm anxious to go back to Melbourne and retrieve the rest of our stuff from Tiff, and of course even more anxious to see Immy.

      Dinner tonight was a steak for John, with mashed potato, peas, egg and onions. I had some spaghetti bolognaise.

      Tomorrow I'll be perched on a stepladder to store some canisters in the top, out-of-reach cupboards in the kitchen. Just hope I don't fall off the ladder... We are almost done with the unpacking... five weeks as opposed to many months of packing.

      Looking forward to a trip to the zoo on Sunday with Hannah and Andrew and their Mum.
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        Be careful on that ladder Chayote! If you don’t use those canisters much it might be better to leave them packed and save them for the new house.

        It was a beautiful day today, bright and sunny. I took my son and daughter-in-law out to breakfast at the Calico Cupboard in Mount Vernon this morning, it’s my favorite breakfast place. Kim and I had the smoked salmon scramble; scrambled eggs with cream cheese, smoked salmon and chives along with country potatoes and toast, it was just fantastic. Steve ordered a croissant sandwich with eggs, cheese and mushrooms with potatoes and toast, we were all stuffed. We took the real scenic route back home. They left this afternoon and they now completely get why I love it here. It was a lovely and happy visit all the way around. I took a little nap after they left.

        I’m going to make a Bleu cheeseburger and some zucchini fries for my dinner.