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May 4th Dinner Post

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  • May 4th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    What a foggy morning with rain in the air with the high of 55 and the low of 43.

    I leaning towards goulash, salad and garlic bread at the moment for dinner.

    What meal is calling your name?
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    We arrived home today after a week in Melbourne to collect the last of our belongings from Tiff's house. Things went well until they didn't. We had a car accident... We are ok now but our new van didn't fare so well. It will be repaired and as the accident was not our fault, we won't have to pay for the repairs. Despite the accident, we spent a very nice time with my sister and her husband and we caught up with Tiff and Charlie.

    Our dinner tonight was shared with our family. Hannah and Andrew were very happy to see us again. We had fish and chips and now we are looking forward to getting back into our own beds. It's nice to be home.
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      Grilled cheese and potato soup, easy enough because the soup is from a packet.


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        Chay, I’m glad you are ok! It’s always something, isn’t it?

        Our dinner will be salad and taco meatball soup.


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          Chayote blast it that's such a pain. So glad you 2 were not hurt. Glad your back !!!

          I'm doing LTBs cabbage smoked sausage thing tonight but I'm also throwimg in leftover corn


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            I spent my morning at the doctors office, and getting an exray of my foot and picked up grocery’s. Now I am winding down and plan to have a light meal later this evening.


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              I came back to say how sorry I was to read about your accident Chayote. I was involved in one recently and it is not a fun experience.


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                Oh no Chayote! I’m happy to hear you’re OK though.

                I’ve had a very busy day today. Woke up at the crack of dawn, showered, fed and injected Abby and finished loading the car and headed south at 8:15 am. I was stunned at how unfamiliar it seemed to be driving in a big city…waaayy too people-y out there! I did make pretty decent time though, got to Tigard OR at about 1:15 pm. My son and I went out for a late lunch at a really good Mexican place that let Abby sit with us on the patio. It’s quite warm here, about 73 I visited with my ex-husband for a bit too, his wife passed away a couple of months ago. No bad feelings there, just grateful we split up when we did. Whew! I’m checked into my hotel for the night, I am not used to driving that long anymore and I’m tired. On a plus note, I averaged 33.6 miles per gallon in my Subaru! There are no electric cars in this lady’s future!

                My late lunch was dinner, spinach and cheese enchiladas with salsa verde, rice, beans and good salsa and chips.


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                  Thanks Charlene, MommaBear, rosie and Bean... just another thing to deal with but I was relieved that we all escaped serious injury. I was very afraid when I saw the other driver lift his 3yo grandson out of his car and although he was upset, he was soon ok.

                  Our Caddy is at the repair shop. They estimated that we can have it back by 11th May but I'd be surprised if that's possible. When we had a similar accident with our old XTrail, the shop quoted one week and it ended up being six weeks. Whatever happens will be ok.
                  Effort only fully releases its rewards after a person refuses to quit.

                  Napoleon Hill