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May 9th Dinner Post

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  • May 9th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It looks like a F5 tornado went through the yard of the house next door. Five trees were cut down that so needed cut and the black walnut tree was one of them. It was a monster size half dead but still dropping more walnuts then you would have ever thought. So happy when that one hit the ground.

    The sun is out in full glory and will be for all week and they are saying with warm temps hitting the low 80's by Thursday and Friday. I see my windchimes coming out and wind spinners. Yay!!! I also got a lot of flowers and veggies as the green house yesterday so am loving looking at them. Now the process of hardening them off.

    Dinner will be a ham and spinach Quiche along with a fruit salad.

    What will be your dinner?
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    Nice and warm today... looks like the rain has gone for a few days. I'm enjoying the rain because it means I don't need to water the lawn. It's greening up very nicely.

    For dinner we had the fish and chips left over from last night. I really love dinners that I don't need to do much cooking.

    We are going to a community club that we joined for John to play a 1.30pm poker game. We'll have lunch there from 12 noon and I'll see if I can do some knitting while he plays. Better than night games when we are driving home at midnight.
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      I have a lb of breakfast sausage to use up. Hubs does not want spaghetti or biscuits and gravy. I could make a small bit of chili and do chili dogs or maybe sausage sweet potato tacos.


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        I need to pull something from the freezer to cook this evening. I have a nice piece of salmon that I can grill or a small steak. Yesterday I made bread so I can slice that.


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          Had a nice afternoon yesterday for Mothers Day. Had some drop in visits from half the kids then later on in aft Ty Cassie & Kian came out and to stay for dinner. Poor lil guy was car sick on way out...Ty took another route here, twisty turny roads and he puked twice all over accckkkk! I was worrried he may be sick, but they said same thing happened when they were in Costa Rica driving crazy twisty roads thru the the mountains. I was worried he may be sick and a terrible cold has been going thru all our family members - not me yet! Got him cleaned up and then he was a happy camper
          The boys BBQ'd steaks and chicken, I had some grilled pineapple for my treat on side, and then there was caesar salad and AF seasoned potatoes.

          Today is an even nicer day than yesterday! Seems that hubby is on the downhill instead of getting better, so was not sure what he may feel like eating...I suggested fish sticks and french fries in the AF, and he said he'd try that.
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            It’s been a nice day today, mostly bright and sunny. I’ve been working on cleaning out the file cabinet again, definitely making progress. I had to spend almost an hour on hold with Raytheon today getting them notified about Ken, they haven’t gotten any more efficient about things like that at all. I’ve got to update my information too, so I’ll tackle that tomorrow. Hopefully I can do it all online instead of the phone.

            Dinner…I’m going to make a BLTA sandwich and a half bag of Asian chopped salad for dinner and have some lemon yogurt for dessert.