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May 12th Dinner Post

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  • May 12th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will be another perfect day of sunshine and the high of 84 and the low of 60.

    Dinner will be a tuna fish pasta salad, fresh fruit and smoothies for dinner.

    What will you be having tonight?
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    Nearing the end of the lovely weather...afternoon will be spent at the lakeside park/playground with my grandson
    Not sure on dinner right now, but thinking some hot dogs tossed on the BBQ sounds like a probable plan!
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      I also have one of the grandsons today. He is the easiest 3 yr old ever. He will probably demolish every piece of fruit in my house while he is here. good thing I am stocked up. I put a chuck roast in the smoker for poor mans burnt ends tonight. Maybe some fried cabbage to go with.


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        Beautiful day topping out in mid 80s BUT low humidity. I don't like the heat but the humidity is what kills me. Getting couple loads on the line. Watering garden & planting lettuce and spinach

        Hopeing burgers amd dogs on the grill. Idk what else. Maybe pork & beans for Joe. ???


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          I have ground beef and will try to come up with something to do with that but I may just order a small pizza for delivery.


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            It’s been windy, rainy and downright cold all day today. I had to bump up the heat a couple of degrees to take the chill off. I’ve just been doing some bill paying and reading today, but I really need to get the rest of my Ruggable rugs washed and dried. I did the runners, now I need to do the 8x10’s. I’m going to do that tomorrow while Abby is at the vet for her all day glucose curve test.

            I’m going to try out a recipe for a creamy pesto and shrimp pasta with peas dish and have some fruit with it.