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May 15th Dinner Post

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  • May 15th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    There is a light overcasting of clouds that will give way and we will a mostly sunny sky with the high of 82 and the low of 57.

    I am morphing the deviled eggs into egg salad for sandwiches, raw veggies and dip along strawberries for dinner.

    What will you be having?
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    Bright, sunny. Suppose to get to mid 80s. Hoping to get alittle rain this eve.
    doing all bedding to put on the line. Some will get put in storage bags and put away for the summer.
    Making a skillet meal. Rigatoni, Italian sausage skillet. Garlic bread & salad. I'm using penne cause I cant find rigatoni anywhere.


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      No clue yet for dinner. I’m still drinking my coffee and have been listening to the neighbor kids in their pool. I have boiled eggs to make deviled eggs, salad and I think I have burger patties made up. So I will hit the kitchen in a bit and see what I can fix. I’m also considering a casserole of Mac and cheese. Lots of ideas but little ambition.


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        It’s been a pleasant day today, a few sprinkles this morning but nice this afternoon. I finally took the heavy fleece sheets off the bed this morning, they were starting to feel a bit too warm and I replaced them with micro flannel. The fleece ones are all washed and dried and hung up in the closet to wait for cold weather again. They sure feel wonderful when it’s cold. Not much else going on today other than catching up with Outlander.

        I’m going to finish up the creamy pesto and shrimp pasta and peas and have the other half of the chopped salad for dinner.


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          Holy moly! Great day here...especially when we thought we were getting rain! Another day at the lake for us with our Kian...had so much fun! I made extra burgs in case they were to stay..put on some hot dogs too. made a garden salad...not one had salad tho. Weather changing now... getting chilly. Darn!
          What with our new poster?
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            I made smash burgers tonight. We took the car out for a drive this afternoon and went to a grilled cheese place we used to like, The food turned to crud is a nice way to put it. Everything pretty much tasted like stale grease. I told hubs we could cook at home, going out is just kind of eh and overpriced with crappy service.