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May 17th Dinner Post

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  • May 17th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The sky is cloudless with the high of 63 and the low of 49. We got a heavy downpour late yesterday and coupled with the rain we had gotten overnight it was what we needed as we were getting so dry.

    Chili sounds good on this chilly day that feels so good after the hot weather we had all last week. Cornbread along with a fruit salad will finish the meal.

    What will you be having tonight?
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    We thankfully had rain Sunday night. The garden was very happy.
    sunny mid 70s today.

    Today is knit group but I will miss BOOHOO. Joe has dentist in Muncie. We have a gift card for red lobster. Depending on how he's doin may stop there. I'd rather go to Chinese buffet.

    I'm going to make chicken salad this eve. We love the chicken salad with red grapes, Apple, celery amd pecans. YUMMM
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      I’m up but very lazy this morning. I believe it is time for a large cup of coffee to see if that works to get Me moving. I have a crochet project to work on and look forward to.

      enjoy your day


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        Temps have dropped a lot! Back to wearing jeans, hoodie, socks/shoes booooo! Rain off and on all day. Tried to go out for a walk to library and every time I went to step out the door, it poured...hubby drove me and patiently waited while I chose some books. We went out to get our 2nd booster shots.
        Dinner is turkey balls with broccoli, red pepper & onions in cream of chicken sauce, served over rice.
        Cuddling up on the couch tonite in my flannel jammies and will start a new book
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          It’s been a really pretty day today, I sat outside and read for awhile this afternoon while the sun was still in the back yard. I did a little planning ahead, I ordered a Papa Murphy’s $12.99 Tuesday large pizza and an Italian salad to have for dinner on Wednesday and Thursday. I brought them home and popped them in the garage refrigerator. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, I can get my hair cut and help fix the mess that was made on my last haircut by someone else. I can hardly wait.

          I’m trying out a Crock Pot recipe for shredded chicken in a creamy yogurt curry sauce, basmati rice pilaf and yellow squash.


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            A smoothie for breakfast and potato with bacon for dinner