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Rice Krispy Squares?

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  • Rice Krispy Squares?

    How do you get them to be less sticky and more firm, like the snack bars you buy in the stores? I just made the basic squares on the back of the box and they are so loose, even though I smashed them down in the pan pretty good. Maybe a smaller pan so they are thicker? Or maybe crush some of them and add the Rice Krispy Powder to thicken it up a bit?

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    The store ones are mooshed together by machine so we would probably never be able to make one that dense. I would guess more cereal and stick them in the fridge.


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      I found that by adding more Rice Krispies will give you a more firmer bar, and I always did smoosh mine down a lot. Now Ilke mine less dense and and stickier lol
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        I found I goofed up on the recipe. OOPS! It called for 3 TBLS butter and the print is so small on the box, it looked like a 6 to me, so, got more ingredients and will try again in a few days. I'm going to also put them in a smaller pan so they are thicker. thanks for the feedback!