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May 18th Dinner Post

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  • May 18th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is still raining after rain all day yesterday and last night. It should be partly sunny as the rain moves out with the high of 81 and the low of 64.

    I got my back porch finished yesterday and DGS said he will help me with putting the rug down this weekend. All this rain and cooler temperatures have been perfect for the gardens and flowers as they are not being stressed by the heat and sun. They are a bright burst of color in the gray landscape.

    I am making French toast, sausage, applesauce and a smoothie for dinner tonight.

    What will you be having?

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    I have absolutely no idea for dinner. I had a large salad at lunch so I will make an effort to prepare something.

    amazon made a delivery to my front door this afternoon and it was a struggle to get it in. A box containing an ice cream freezer for a pool and barbecue soon, a new walker and a small package/light weight. Two boxes were extremely heavy for a woman with a bad knee. I got them just inside my front door.

    enjoy your day.


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      It has been a gorgeous day today, blue skies, sunshine and big puffy white clouds. I spent a little time out in the backyard just enjoying the view and reading. We had a little power failure last night, mine only lasted about 5 minutes, other areas were off for quite awhile.

      I’m going to have half of the Italian salad I got from Papa Murphy’s for dinner. It’s got pepperoni, cheese, olives, tomatoes and other veggies in it and I’m going to add some Turkey lunch meat to it. I’ll probably make a piece of garlic bread with it.


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        Well, that was a mixed up day! Hubs and I were home doing house stuff when he got a call from our son who has eye issues - wet version macular degeneration - and his vision has been really bad last few days,,, he asked to have a drive to city (3hrs) to see Dr, they took him in immediately. So, off hubs went to city, and in meantime we got a call from other son asking if I could come in to town to watch Kian for the afternoon, as Mommy was trying to get some stuff ready for the holiday wknd, away we went! I had planned to make a pot of sausage soup for dinner on this damp, rainy day. Anyhoooo, hubs was back around 5:30, we picked up a pizza to go.
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