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May 20th Dinner Post

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  • May 20th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    There is a haze in the sky with a partly sunny sky and the high of 90 and the low of 72 along with higher humidity. Not my idea of a comfortable day.

    I already made the chicken salad this morning that rosie has inspired with her previous post. I have never put in those exact ingredients and dang rosie, it is so good. I also grated some carrots for a carrot salad and that is chilling in the fridge also.

    What will be your dinner this Friday night?
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    so glad you like it LTB. Our weather is pretty much the same as yours. Rain tonight.
    we had the hamburger gravy on air fryer baked potatos. Wed eve. So just gonna have that or chicken salad. It's going to be to hot to cook or eat much.
    First time I use air fryer for baked potatos. Omgoodness amazing.


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      My weather seems to be same as both of yours! Very hot & humid here today, loving it!
      Well, I did not plan my dinner according to the weather.....turning oven on, oh wait! maybe I will use my AF!!! Frozen veal cutlets, Lipton's Sour Cream & Chive Sidekicks, and peas. I just remembered that we are going to Legion for Happy Hour, so I will make evertying ahead of time then warm up when we get home.
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        I have a nice piece of salmon that I will grill this evening for dinner. I spent most of the morning at the cardiologist office. I am scheduled the first of next week to spend a little time in the hospital dealing with an issue in my left leg. I believe it is a blockage in the lower leg. He told me not to wear my support stockings. I need to get myself in shape for vacation. Beach trip.


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          It has been a beautiful spring day today, bright and sunny. There must be some kind of pollen in the air though, my sinuses are playing a drum solo. I had a nice long conversation with one of my good friends in CA this afternoon, it was nice to hear from her.

          I’m going to heat up some of the shredded chicken in yogurt curry sauce and basmati rice and steam another yellow squash to go with it.