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May 22nd Dinner Post

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  • May 22nd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is overcast and after the downpour we had yesterday evening with high winds the temperature has dropped as well as the humidity. There is a good chance of more rain today with the high of 69 and the low of 50.

    I am making the wraps that rosie inspired yesterday for dinner along with the last of the carrot salad.

    What will you be having for your Sunday evening dinner?
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    Sunny in the 60s which is refreshing. I have been working on spare room. Seems we don't know what to do with things they go in there well, now they are on the way to help center and trash. Not done but beat. So looks like spaghetti with usual fixins


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      I have leftover Salmon from last evening and will make a wedge salad to go with that.


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        It is darn chilly here! I walked around town to the shops and shopped like a stupid tourist with money ,ugh. It is our unofficial start of summer holiday weekend here. Bought a few things for myself just because I was feeling down in the dumps. All good.
        Had some some cottage friends stop by this afternoon which was nice.
        I made a pot of hot Italian sausage soup for dinner, and had a loaf of garlic cheese pull apart bread to go along with it. I don't eat that soup any more cuz its too spicy for my tummy...I opted for a frozen dinner.
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          It was a very pretty Spring day today, kind of bittersweet though because today is my wedding anniversary. I will admit I had some teary moments throughout the day. I finished up the pressure washing on the driveway this afternoon, what a difference it made. I also ordered that attachment I borrowed from my neighbor, that thing is worth every cent. I finished getting it all put away and took a long, hot shower and threw my wet and dirty clothes in the washer and put my Crocs in the shower with me to wash them too.

          I’m tempted to order some takeout tonight but I really don’t know what I want. I’ll probably just reheat the rest of the yogurt curry chicken and basmati rice and some spinach. I did bake a pumpkin pie for dessert though.

          Note to Vera! I gave you a different link for that attachment. This is what I used and ordered:

          Tool Daily 15 Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachment with Wheels, with 2 Power Washer Extension Wands and 2 Replacement Nozzles, 3600 PSI


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            Thanks Charlene - You are always so helpful. I will ask my husband if that is something he is interested in as brick is different from concreate (smooth) because the joints are depressed and that gets pretty dirty too. The person we hired last year did use a bleach compound with his washing and that seemed to help a lot with no return (so far) of the green mold that can develop. Thanks again. V