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May 23rd Dinner Post

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  • May 23rd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is overcast and will remain mostly cloudy with the high of 60 and the low of 48.

    I am making a ham, pasta, broccoli and cheese casserole for dinner tonight along with pickled beets and applesauce.

    What will be your dinner this Monday night?
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    It’s a nice day today, not quite as sunny as yesterday but still nice. I slept in until about 9 am this morning, I was wiped out after 2 afternoons of pressure washing and my back was sore too. It was worth it, that driveway looks so much better! I’ve been bagging up clothes to donate to our next high school textile drive today. I kept some of Ken’s t-shirts and I’ve given my sons many of his things but the rest needs to be donated. I got rid of some of mine too.

    Well, since I got takeout last night, I’m definitely going to have more of the yogurt curry chicken and basmati rice with spinach tonight. Pumpkin pie for dessert.


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      Nicer day today. Hubs and I got a lot of yard work done. I planted flowers, re filled the humming bird feeders, cut grass, whipper snipped etc. Weird thing, as I was getting out of truck this morn from grocery store, ball of my foot hurt so much. I do not think I stepped on anything. All day my foot hurt a lot with pain going up my leg. So, I just hobbled along doing stuff, trying to keep most of weight off my foot. Damn. Could have done so much more without feeling this way. Hope its better in morning
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