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May 26th Dinner Post

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  • May 26th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is windy and has been all night. We stand a good chance of rain today and tonight with the high of 80 and the low of 64. It will be humid later this morning and increasing as the day moves forward.

    Not being inspired for dinner my mind has come up with an easy meal. A BLT sandwich is a good thing all the time so that along with a caprese salad will be dinner.

    What are you having this Thursday evening?
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    I had ravioli with bolognaise sauce... John had the last of the curried sausages with potato and carrots.

    John tidied the garage yet again. Some things going to the op shop tomorrow. Cardboard going to the recycle centre and soft plastics going to the supermarket. Drink bottles and cans going to a different recycle centre. I'm realising that 100% recycling with zero addition to landfill is time consuming but satisfying.
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      Rained all night and it's still going. Doesn't look like it's going to stop completely til late afternoon tomorrow. Everyone's worried about the 2 days before the big race. Beautiful day predicted for race day Sunday. I don't give a whang about the race. Only thing I like is the blimp goes directly over our house on way to and from Indy it's very low and quite a sight. It should be going today but with tje rain idk.

      We are having green beans/either smoked sausage or ham/potatos and fried cornbread.


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        So far I have not accomplished much today. I am going to grab another cup of coffee and find some lunch. Bills to pay so I will need that coffee.

        I have not done much crocheting in a long time but think I will give it a go this afternoon.

        this morning I scheduled a medical appointment because my daughter has become concerned with my weight loss. I am actually pleased that I am down. My knee doctor told me I was too heavy. I’m down 12 pounds and feel great.

        enjoy your day and fix something good to eat.


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          It’s been overcast all day today. I took a huge bag of good jackets and clothes down to the Food Bank Thrift Store this morning and also donated 12 bottles of Ensure, and then picked up Abby’s insulin prescription at the vet’s office. Not much else going on until I go to the dessert potluck later this evening.

          I made a chicken sandwich for an early meal so that I’d have some protein in my system before trying all the desserts tonight. I can hardly wait to taste the one I made, hope it’s good!