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May 31st Dinner Post

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  • May 31st Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    You know it is hot and humid when the AC is running during the night. It is still HHH and will be today with a high of 90 plus and the low of 70.

    My garden is loving this heat as I noticed yesterday when watering that I have some small peppers and one tiny tomato with lots of buds. I have had 2 cuttings of my leaf lettuce and it is so good. Radishes are really popping and my garlic looks good.

    Dinner will be a pasta salad along with watermelon.

    What will be your dinner?
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    Good morning
    oh yes, holy hotness! I went to grocery store yesterday and stocked up on ice cream & popsicles.
    I think I will BBQ some burgers for dinner, have a some asparagus that needs to be used up so I will grill that as well ...saw a recipe for doing it with olive oil/S&P/garlic/parm/panko..
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      Think this is the day the A/C comes on. Was so windy yesterday didn't feel to bad. High low 90s humidity up up up. Ugh not a fan of summer. Hopefully garden can get goin now. It's just kinda been sittin there in the chilly wind.
      Good day for a chef salad.


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        I think I my fix an omelet this evening or a nice salad. I have my Grandaughter today and we had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. She has gone off to the guest room and I am hanging with my little Frankie. Luckily my phone beeped a few moments ago and reminded me to change my nitroglycerin patch. I need to stick one in my billfold for tomorrow as I will be out much of the day.

        have a good day and evening all.


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          Last day of May, kind of hard to wrap my head around how fast the year is going. It’s been a nice day today, the views of the Olympics and Cascades were just beautiful. I think I tweaked my back a little yesterday, it’s been kind of sore all day. I took a huge bag of good jackets, hoodies and nice shirts down to the Stanwood Food Bank Thrift Store this morning for donation and also dropped off 8 bottles of Ensure and some other packaged foods. I’ve got one more big bag of shirts and worn out jackets that will get taken to the textile drive for Stanwood High School on Saturday morning. Every day I get another shelf or drawer sorted out, it’s a long process. Yesterday was the infamous “junk drawer” in the kitchen.

          I’m really not terribly hungry tonight at all. I think I’ll finish up the last green chile chicken enchilada and have a small salad for dinner.