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    I know it is taken care of for those who sign in every time, but for me, I have to see the spam posts every time since I don't sign in every time. This site is turning out to be free advertisement for those people, although they have to join to post anything. Why not have some kind of freeze on new posters, or new posts by new people?

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    AllieK, I also don't sign out or sign in. I stay signed in all the time, makes checking the board so much easier. Like you I see all these spam posts advertising stuff. I don't read it, but I do wonder where is Stephanie Manley? She owns the board, I guess she never checks in anymore because it is not important to her, so close the board down, don't let this board become a free board for advertisement. This board is pretty much dead , you have a handful of people who post on a regular basis and that is it. . And I have a feeling that most of them are also on FB, so they can connect there. JMHO


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      I don't sign in everytime. I just add them to my block list.


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        I don’t sign out at all, and these ads are definitely getting out of hand.


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          Yes, they are , and I repeat where is Stephanie Manley ?


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            really bad now!
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