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June 12th Dinner Post

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  • June 12th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a little hazy with plenty of sun along with a high of 80 and the low of 63. Chance of rain later today.

    I am solo again tonight as DGS is attending several open houses for friends that have graduated so he will have plenty of food today. I am again having my toast with peanut butter and fresh fruit.

    What will be your dinner on this Sunday?
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    Today we had a lovely visit from Julia and Andrew. No Hannah so it was nice and quiet... *LOL* She had chucked a wobbly in IKEA during the morning and went home to bed. Andrew and I played a game that we made up... he had a sticker book and special page so that the pictures could be reused. The one he chose to do was a farm and all the animals, farmers and tractors were the stickers. Together we stand the song "Old MacDonald had a farm" and Andrew chose a sticker and then we finished the song with appropriate sounds. It became hilarious when he was choosing cabbages, corn and buckets and we had to come up with a sound. A lot of laughter and fun. While we did that, Julia hung some more of my pictures on the walls. When we get back from Melbourne I'll finish them off.

    Dinner was easy... John had bacon, onion, eggs and a few chips; I had ravioli with bolognaise sauce and mozzarella cheese and there's still some left over for tomorrow. I need to clean out my fridge and take all the vegetables over to Julia... when I ordered them I wasn't expecting to go to Melbourne quite so soon.

    Finished packing all my knitting and crochet supplies and it's all easily accessed. All in all, it was a good day.
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      I went through the freezer and decided tonight would be waffle night.


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        I am thinking BLT's tonight.


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          It’s been a really nice day today and it’s been so quiet around the neighborhood. I did make a 4 item grocery run this morning but gave mostly been kicking back and taking it easy today. I’ve been watching all the recorded items on my DVR since there hasn’t been anything on worth watching on regular network TV. I’ve got to call Astound/Wave broadband tomorrow because I can’t access Amazon Prime Video or Netflix right now. My internet is working fine, just can’t get the streaming stuff going. It was working fine a week or so ago.

          I’m trying out a recipe for Mediterranean Chicken Orzo for the Crock Pot. It’s smells so good! Chicken, tomatoes, carrots, onions, lots of olives, Herbs de Provence, broth and orzo. Shouldn’t need anything else with it.