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June 24th Dinner Post

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  • June 24th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It appears today will be another picture and temperature perfect day. A tad warmer with the high of 83 and the low of 63.

    Egg salad sandwiches, salad and watermelon will be dinner.

    What are you having tonight?
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    Just got in from morning chores. Says it's 72. At first didn't feel to bad BUT very shortly the humidity hit me. UGH high 87

    Going to put some cube steak & mushroom gravy in crock. Have leftover mashed potatos that need used. Some kind of veggie.


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      We are going to the lake house tonight. Its in southern Ohio and 20 min away from WVa and 30 min from PA. People there defiantly fit the WVa hillbilly stereotype. Also, everything that is not a bug box store is closed on Sunday, no complaints from me on that. Anyways hubs wants one of their pizzas tonight. The pizza is different from anything I have ever had. So its pretty thick and very heavy, kind of like a deep dish but not a deep dish. So it takes 45 min to make the pizza. They put on toppings then sauce then bake it. When it comes out of the oven they box it and then add the cheese and close it up. The cheese actually melts on the way home. I am not really a fan of this pizza at all but hubs loves it. It kind of tastes like a pizza crust with spaghetti sauce and cheese .Anyways, that's what's on the menu tonight.


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        Holy cow, its hot out there today! Chores done and heading for the lake again. DS has gone in to town, so I asked him to pick up a party size pizza for our dinner, DD & SIL will more than likely join us, I imagine we will dine lakeside where there is a nice breeze.
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          I’ve got a piece of Lasagna to eat this evening with a side salad. I would rather cook a small breakfast meal but I need to finish what’s in the fridge.


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            It has been a spectacularly beautiful day today, clear blue skies and amazing views of the Cascades and the Olympics. I got the last of the items ready for the neighborhood garage sale tomorrow. It started today but I only counted about 5 homes having sales, tomorrow will be much busier. I also got my corner guards put up. I did make a quick run to QFC this morning (it’s part of Kroger) and got 5 packages (the limit) of Nathan’s hotdogs at $3.49 per package. They’re usually anywhere between $7 and $9 per package now and I refuse to pay that.

            I’m going to have another meal of the pork chops with brown onion gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans. I put the last portion of the pork in a Food Saver bag to freeze and I’ll seal it in the morning.