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    About a week ago you mentioned you were making Kentucky Brown Pork Chops, recipe from Grandpa2one. I thought perhaps you would post it on Tried and True. I wasn't able to find it on CopyKat. Do the chops come out tender and flavorful? If so, could you post on Tried and True? I always look at your recipes (except the ones with seafood/lol) because you seem to be an accomplished cook with down home dinners. I have noticed that meals last you a few days now that Ken has passed away - RIP. Hope you are doing OK and I think your neighbors are looking out for you and you are keeping yourself busy.

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    Thank you Vera. I would have sworn I’d posted the recipe a long time ago but I couldn’t find it either, so it’s posted now in Tried and True. This always comes out good, I’ve used both bone in and boneless loin chops and I think I’ve even used country style pork ribs.

    I still haven’t exactly figured out how to cook for one yet, but I’m getting a lot of use out of my Food Saver and freezer so nothing is going to waste. I do find I’m making things that Ken didn’t care for that I loved quite frequently. I think I’ve had more asparagus in 3 months than I’ve had in 10 years! I’m doing well, keeping busy and making sure I stay healthy. I’m in touch with family and friends on a regular basis. My sister is coming up for a visit in a few weeks and Joshua is going to try to be here for that too. My son Steve and his wife will be up again in August and I’ll be going to their home in November for a memorial and visit.

    I think Ken and I both knew that I would survive him. He had 2 major cancer battles (1982, 2012) and two melanomas on his head, plus heart problems that required a pacemaker that he almost didn’t survive getting implanted. There was always that thought that it only takes one stray cell, and that’s the one that snuck up on us. I miss him very much but he’d be glad to know I’m doing OK.

    Thanks for the good thoughts!