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June 30th Dinner Post

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  • June 30th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will be a sunny hot day of 90 and the low of 70. The humidity will start building tonight and tomorrow will not be a comfortable day.

    Salmon patties, rice pilaf, salad and watermelon will be dinner.

    What will you be having?
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    WOW it's hot & humid out there. Ugh.

    We're having burgers & dogs on the grill. Will have deviled eggs, baked beans. Wish I had a big ol garden tomato. There's only little green ones on the vine.


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      Another cold day... top of 54f at lunchtime and a steady decline from then on. It's been a cold winter and there's still two months to go.

      I mainly did housework today. Our greengrocery delivery was here by 8.30am and it took me about an hour to prep and pack into my fridge containers. The cucumbers were so fresh that there was still beads of moisture coming from the stalk where it was cut from the vine.

      I have a meeting on Saturday of the doll club I joined... old hobby now in a new state. This will be my second meeting. They have a little competition where members are invited to bring a doll that is in a chosen category. Last month it was for a doll dressed as a bridesmaid. On Saturday it's for a doll in ethnic costume. I'm working on a doll wearing Australian Aboriginal laplap and paint. My son-in-law 'printed' a little didgeridoo and I'm making a boomerang. It's looking very cool if I say so myself... It's good fun, I get to go out for a couple of hours and I get to meet new people.

      Dinner was leftovers from last night for John (his choice) and I had a piece of butterfish and a green salad with catalina dressing. Supper was a scrumptious slice of black forest cake.
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        It is pouring rain and I have yet to decide on dinner this evening. Probably a salad will do me. I am too lazy on this rainy day to cook much. I can always fix an omelet and a slice of toast.

        enjoy your day.


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          Weather was a little bit of everything. Went out for a little putt-putt around the lake this aft. Heading in to town to look after Kian for the night. Ty has ordered pizza for us for when we arrive.
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            It’s been a very nice day today, just perfect weather. I woke up with a pretty nasty headache this morning and it’s still kind of hanging on this afternoon. I’m glad I don’t get them as often as I used to but they’re still annoying when I do. I’m just taking it easy today.

            I’m going to make my own version of a Subway sandwich for dinner tonight. Turkey bacon, smoked Turkey, salami, Canadian bacon, cheese and all the other veggie toppings. I’ll have a nectarine with it.