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June 6th Dinner Post

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  • June 6th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will a humid high of 81 and the low of 67. Chance of rain.

    DGS said he will make dinner and I am sure whatever he makes will be tasty. I said I would cut up a watermelon as my contribution.

    What will be your dinner for this Wednesday evening?
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    Well, I don't know where all these beautiful hot days went,,,the forecast is totally opposite.
    I think I may take a pork tenderloin out of the freezer and cook it in some honey garlic sauce...if it clears up I will toss 'er on the BBQ. Not sure of sides yet, but I do love to have rice alongside that meat/sauce even tho we just had rice the other nite. I'll pick up some broccoli to go with it.
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      Our weather forecast for the rest of the week is cold and miserable. We were planning on taking Andrew out for the day tomorrow but I've developed a cold overnight and will need to stay home. Hopefully Friday will be the day.

      For dinner John had lamb forequarter chops with mashed potato/pumpkin, peas and carrot. I had a bowl of soup and some buttered bread.
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        OMGOSH it is HORRENDOUS the temp is not so bad at 80 but the humidity and not a breath of breeze. Rained off & on all night and this morn which we needed desperately. Fed the cats, had to have Joe feed the chickens. Can't breath in this humidity. I'm hiding inside rest of the day.

        Yesterday was knit group so brought home his usual from captain D's. I tried the chicken, cheddar and ranch sandwich from arbys. Pretty good we will finish off the bbq pork tonight. Have cole slaw and will make some parm potatos. I made banana pudding last night.


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          I still don’t have a clue for dinner other than some grilled squash. I just did a quick Kroger order. Not much to eat on my shopping list. Veggie night here. Today was dog grooming day for my guy and he is happy to be home now. Groomer Did a great job but my Frankie is beat now.

          enjoy your evening.


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            It’s been a pleasant day today, comfortable outside and some nice puffy white clouds filtering the sun. I spent the afternoon pressure washing my back porch and the concrete pad adjacent to it. I’m totally wiped out now. The washing was easy but the cleanup and dragging the equipment there and back was very tiring. I was going to do the concrete under the wooden patio cover but I was tired and I don’t think the nesting birds would have appreciated it. So, I came in, got cleaned up and put on yoga pants and I’m done for the day.

            I kind of wish I had a TV dinner in the freezer but alas, I don’t. I haven’t decided whether to make another sub sandwich or go get Taco Time takeout.