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July 7th Dinner Post

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  • July 7th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The sky is clear expect for a few wispy clouds along with high humidity again and the high of 82 and the low of 65.

    I spent most of the day yesterday helping a woman with her errands as her car is in the shop and has been for a week waiting on a part. I give her credit that she had a list that was so organized on where she needed going and what she needed doing. She was so thankful, and I enjoyed her company.

    While I was out with her, I picked up a pork loin and will use half for tonight. I will make a stuffing and add in diced apple, raisins, roll and tie. I will put more apple quarters in the pan with some cider and fresh herbs. A salad and watermelon will complete the meal.

    What will you be having tonight?
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    The clouds have gone away and its a beautiful morning!
    My SIL and her GD are coming to the lake for the afternoon, will be hanging out with my 2 other SIL's
    So, I'm going to get organized now and cook supper so I can spend all my time with them. I will make a pot of my taco thingys, need to go to store first and pick up a few indgredients.
    We have to try and figure out what time is the 'best' time to hit the shops these days now that all the cottagers are up....we went the other day at 3:30, I walked in, grabbed a basket, saw the HUGE line ups and said NOPE...walked out! made due with until next time.
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      Humidity is down a little. Back up to 90 this afternoon. Going to hang out with my sis for awhile today.
      pulled a 2 lb bag of shrimp last night. I'll cook it all and use 1/2 for shrimp fettuccini alfredo tonight and use other half for a shrimp salad.


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        Still not feeling very well and now Hannah has come down with similar symptoms. I'm not surprised... it's been extremely cold by our standards and usually South Australia has a warm climate.

        Dinner tonight: John had a lamb chop, two eggs, peas and mashed potato and pumpkin; I had a bowl of soup with bread.
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          Making chicken hibachi on the flat top tonight. I took over the rental side of the business so I have been running around the last few days getting things done that hubs neglected. He is always to nice to people and tries to be everyone's friend. I have 0 tolerance and am a rule follower when it comes to business.


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            Beautiful day today! I had an early blood test appointment this morning and while I was out I stopped for a couple items at the grocery store and stopped at the hardware store for two bags of Weed & Feed. It really took care of my front yard dandelions last year and now both front and back need it. I should get started on it but I’m so sleepy today! I may just bite the bullet and do the front this afternoon.

            My son and I were talking about turkey burgers a couple of nights ago and it got me really craving my favorite Romanian turkey burgers. I bought the meat this morning, got it all seasoned and ready to cook as soon as I got home. I’ll make one for myself and freeze and vacuum seal the rest in convenient patties for another day. I’ll have some coleslaw with it.


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              Charlene: Romanian turkey burgers sound really did they turn out?
              A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands


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                They’re really tasty MudderBear! I’ve been making them for at least 30 years, maybe longer, got the recipe from the Los Angeles Times way back then. I have no idea why they’re called Romanian but they are so good. I’ll either bump up or post the recipe in T&T.