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July 10th Dinner Post

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  • July 10th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The high will be 82 and the low of 63 with lots of sunshine today.

    I have cucumbers coming on and can already taste them in my mind. I have gotten a tomato last week and now the rest of the slow pokes are taking their time ripening. Another picking of green beans will be today along with lettuce and pulling radishes.

    I will be solo tonight and have no clue for dinner. Hopefully someone will inspire me on here.

    What will you be having?
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    I spent half the day cooking a double making of the Thermomix chicken stock paste and the other half cleaning up the mess. I was doing well until I splattered the paste all over the bench but it's clean now and I have three containers of stock paste in the freezer for whenever I need it. I have a new Thermomix and still getting used to using it... so different and better than the old one. At least chicken soups and casseroles will be easier to make for a year or so.

    We stayed home again today. Hopefully going out on Tuesday for John's poker game and I'll go and visit Andrew and Hannah. Andrew is now sick with whatever Hannah and I have and he might like to sit at the dining table and colour some pictures with Grandma.

    Phone calls to be made tomorrow... sort out the marriage certificate debacle and to have another go at requesting home help.

    Dinner tonight: John had a pork steak burger with onion, lettuce, tomato and an egg... his favourite burger. I had a bowl of soup and buttered bread.
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      I bought a giant pork loin because it was 1.49/ lb. I do not care for pork roast, and not a huge fan of chops either. I am just going to run it through the grinder today. I will either make egg roll in a bowl or meatloaf.


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        Beautiful here today. Low humidity and currently 70. My garden sucks this yr. I'm blaming the weather last yr I was covered up with produce, begging people to take it. Now everyone is waiting not so patiently and it's just not giving much. Oh well. Sometimes ya win sometimes ya don't.
        my meatloaf turned out disgusting. Joe said its fine bah. I did a different thing YUCK. So thinkin bout crumbling it up & make sloppy Joes. Or taco salad.


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          At the rate I am moving today my dinner will just be snacking. I ordered groceries today and ordered Several items I can work arround to come up with a meal.


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            It’s been such a pretty day today, bright and sunny and comfortable. I just took it easy today, tomorrow I’ll get back to spraying the yard. I also need to take some pictures of a few more items I want to sell and get posted on Next Door.

            I’m making pineapple Glazed Chicken Thighs, a package of Seeds of Change 7 Great Grains and some steamed yellow squash for my dinner.


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              We ended up stopping at a place called The Corner Bar which claimed to have the worlds best burger..... It was in fact The worlds most OK burger. It reminded me of the dive bar where I found my hubs. The beer was cold and the bartender left us alone to go outside and smoke weed. Meatloaf did not get made lol.