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  • Heading out

    Today is the day I am driving with my son to Texas. I will be gone three weeks. This is a big adventure for me. Driving 5-6 hours this evening, Saturday will be our big day of 10-11 hours and Sunday we will arrive in the Houston area. It is hotter than blazes and my son has already received their first electric bill - ouch. With workman in the house since the middle of June, they don't care and will leave doors open. They aren't yet finished either but at least my son and I will be there to monitor them. And away I go.....

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    Vera, my thoughts are with you and your son , have a safe trip, be prepared for 100 + temps in Houston, no rain , Welcome to Texas


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      Prayer for safe travel. I do not envy you. I despise travel


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        Sorry that I missed this, Vera. No doubt you're already on your way. Safe journey...
        Effort only fully releases its rewards after a person refuses to quit.

        Napoleon Hill


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          Make sure you change the air filters weekly if they are doing any sanding or drywall stuff