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July 25th Dinner Post

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  • July 25th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The high will be 80 and the low of 69 with the humidity gradually lowering somewhat. Partly sunny so hopefully that will stop the heat from feeling so hot.

    Dinner will be salmon patties, mashed potatoes and green beans from the garden and sliced tomatoes from the garden also.

    What will be your dinner?
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    Ditto on the weather. I opened all the windows and doors so I hope their right.
    we're having ham, eggs, fried potatos & toast. Easy peasy


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      Heat/humidity GONE!!!! On that note, I thought it was a good day to cook up a meatloaf...I will fry up some potatoes/onions and I picked up a cauliflower for just $2.99.
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        The grandkiddos spent the night and just left. Whew, kids are exhausting. I have to watch them the rest of the week excluding tomorrow. I am making chicken parm and ready for bed!


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          It’s been a very pretty summer day, but it’s definitely warming up quite a bit. I had my lawns cut this morning and I think Jeremy is going to take the cat later this week. I had a really nice visit with my sister yesterday, she could definitely see why we wanted to live up here. She had been worried about it, especially since Ken passed, but once she saw the house and neighborhood and town she felt very relieved. She definitely plans on coming up again.

          I’m going to make a cheesy smoked sausage, rice, zucchini stovetop casserole for dinner. I don’t think I’ll need to make anything to have with it.